Controlling life performance

This module offers you the possibility of evaluating the departures and the live animal stock of your farm. By using different time periods, you can display and evaluate more than 30 different key figures according to your individual requirements.

The flexible evaluation allows you to view the desired key figures and statistics in relation to the disposals and the animal population in a targeted manner. You have the freedom to filter and analyze the data in the way that best fits your operational needs.

In addition, the tabular presentation of the individual animal data allows you to take a detailed look at the disposals. Here you can see more detailed information about the respective departed animals, which allows you to make a precise analysis.

Overall, this module provides a comprehensive way to monitor the development of your livestock and gain valuable insight into the disposals. This information can help you optimize operational processes and provide an informed basis for your herd management decisions.

Lifetime performance by year
Lifetime performance only alive stock