Udder health

The udder health report is an indispensable part of any evaluation. This comprehensive analysis provides important information on the development of udder health and makes it possible to distinguish between healthy animals and those with abnormalities.

Through the udder health report, relevant data on various aspects of udder health are collected and evaluated. These include milk cell count, incidence of mastitis and other indicators of inflammatory processes in the udder. This information is critical to monitor animal well-being and detect any health problems early.

The analysis allows livestock producers and veterinarians to identify trends and patterns related to udder health. On this basis, appropriate measures can be taken to promote animal health and minimize the risk of disease. This may include, for example, targeted treatment for abnormalities or adjustment of feeding and housing conditions.

The udder health report is thus a valuable tool to optimize the management of dairy herds and ensure animal welfare. It helps ensure that potential health problems are identified and treated in a timely manner, resulting in a healthy and productive herd in the long run.