Milk quality

This module allows you to comprehensively evaluate milk delivery results based on dairy and delivery numbers. Easy-to-understand monthly graphs show you developments over different time periods at a glance.

A particularly noteworthy feature of this module is the possibility to assign billing units or groups to a delivery number. This allows you to analyze and compare milk delivery results specifically by different categories or groups.

In addition, the milked animals are correctly included in the analysis by the HERDEplus internal information whether they are medicated or drylotted. This allows you to accurately evaluate milk quality results and helps you monitor the health and productivity of your herd.

The tabular display of milk delivery results allows you to make your own detailed evaluations. You can highlight specific information on individual delivery numbers or time periods to perform customized analyses.

Overall, this module provides an efficient and user-friendly platform to analyze your herd’s milk delivery results and make informed herd management decisions. It helps you to optimize the performance and quality of your milk deliveries and thus promote the success of your business.