Milk recording

This must-have analysis is part of the basic HERDEplus program and enables the evaluation of milk control results for cows, groups and lactations. Easy-to-understand monthly graphs clearly show developments over the course of the year.

You have the option to make your own customized evaluations by using the tabular presentation of MRec results. This allows you to highlight specific information on individual cows, groups or lactations and perform targeted analyses.

Diese Analyse ist eine integrale Komponente des Basisprogramms HERDEplus und steht Ihnen ohne zusätzliche Kosten zur Verfügung. It provides a user-friendly platform to efficiently monitor and analyze your herd’s milk control results. This gives you valuable insights into the performance and health of your cows and allows you to base your operational decisions on a solid database.

Overall, this analysis helps increase the productivity and efficiency of your dairy farm and supports optimal herd management. It is a powerful tool to promote the health and performance of your animals and thus ensure the long-term success of your farm.