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In addition to HERDEplus, you can also manage your cattle on the move with the corresponding app. HERDEmobil provides access to the most essential information on the individual animal. The app is designed for the management of dairy and beef cattle. The intuitive capture and clear presentation of animal data are the main focus. HERDEmobil – the app for smartphone and tablet – enables data capture even offline.


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for Android and iOS

HERDEmobil supports the daily work directly in the barn or on the pasture and provides all important information and recording options for individual animals or groups of animals. All data relevant to decision-making is simply transferred from the stationary PC program to the mobile devices. This makes work much easier, especially on the individual animal

In HERDEmobil, all thematic groups can be viewed and captured individually with the associated information. For example, in Reproduction, the user receives animal-specific information on measures, breeding hygienic examinations (BHE), inseminations and calvings. Pregnancy, insemination, calving, etc. can be captured next the animal

HERDEmobil & Easi-Scan:go Ultrasonic

Interdisciplinary cooperation is possible with the veterinarian. Through the wireless communication of HERDEmobil with the ultrasound scanner Easi-Scan:go, animal data is transferred to the app of imv-imaging during the breeding hygienic examination (BHE), the veterinarian can thus view relevant information in the app as well as in the glasses, and make qualified diagnoses and instruct treatments.


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Advantages at a glance

Simple, intuitive interface

  • All animal data available at any time
  • Intuitive Menüführung & Datenerfassung
  • Clear view & availability of animal data
  • Full search & filter function of individual animals
  • Data transfer to the easi-scan:go from imv imaging
  • Data exchange with HERDEplus via HERDEcloud
  • Multilingual

Data provision to the animal

  • Timeline view
  • Pedigree including breeding values
  • Ancestry & Performance
  • Reproduction & Breeding Hygiene
  • Pregnancy status

  • Calving
  • Health & Condition
  • Findings & Diagnosis
  • Milk performance testing & daily milk production
  • Movement

Data capture next to the animal

  • Insemination & Heat
  • Pregnancy test (PT)
  • Drying & Calving
  • Health & Drugs
  • Claw Care & Locomotion Score
  • Body weight & condition
  • Group change & leaving
  • Animal tags & missing ear tags
  • Workbooks & Free Stable Lists

Overview upcoming actions

  • Heat, Insemination & Pregnancy
  • Calving & Drying
  • Follow-up treatments
  • More worklists

Italics only applies to Android

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“All this data that I can see in the app, I can’t even lay it out in paper form or even print it out.”

Kevin Anhamm
Betrieb Anhamm

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