Agricultural Modeling and Training Systems.

AMTS.Cattle.Pro is a software program for evaluating and formulating rations in dairy and beef cattle production systems. AMTS is a licensed version of the Cornell Net Carbohydrate and Protein System (CNCPS) and is used worldwide.

The reliable software for ration calculation

Livestock feeding software is designed to be efficient. The user only has to enter the data once. Digital data (such as feed library analyses) can be imported electronically. Templates allow you to load data for common inputs. With AMTS.FBM, AMTS.Farm.Cattle dairy and fattening formulation software products can exchange data with main mill formulation programs.

It is designed for advanced feeding specialists, mill operators and feed industry professionals. All AMTS software uses the latest development tools with direct input from feed industry professionals from around the world.

Advantages at a glance

  • uses CNCPS license
  • Calculation for dairy and beef rations
  • Input from experts from around the world
  • Farm specific management
  • Subscription incl. free of charge support and updates
  • incl. linear standard optimizer
  • Health development analysis
  • electronic data import (feed library analyses)
  • Data transfer (animal data based on feed or husbandry groups) from HERDEplus

Optimization according to
your requirements

AMTS.Farm.Cattle provides two optimizers. Customers can either keep the standard least-cost ration optimization included in the software or upgrade to AMTS.Farm.Cattle(ao). Customers can also upgrade the Mixtures feature to allow linear ingredient optimization in AMTS.Farm.Cattle(mo). To unlock the full optimization power, they can purchase a package with AMTS.Farm.Cattle(ao+).

Advanced optimizer

Mix optimizer

Advanced + Mix Optimizer


“AMTS.Cattle.Pro keeps me on top of the latest science.”

Bernd Broich
Feeding consultant

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