Company comparison

Discover a new dimension in business consulting. The module gives you the opportunity to compare your managed farms horizontally using MLP results, fertility figures and lifetime performance.

The first step leads you to a comprehensive comparison of the MLP results, whereby the companies can be sorted according to individual criteria. This allows yield potential in the various features to be quickly and efficiently identified. The fertility evaluation presents the key figures to immediately identify the causes of the overall result. This not only uncovers successful strategies, but also reveals any shortcomings.

Another focus is on lifetime performance as a benchmark for the overall concept. The lifetime performances of the herd and the outgoing animals are listed directly next to each other, making it immediately clear whether the lifetime performance of the outgoing animals can be achieved. The reasons for leaving also illustrate the potential in production technology. The analysis of correlations, for example between high cell counts and culling rates due to udder health or energetic overfeeding at the end of lactation and culling rates due to metabolic diseases, enables farmers to better understand the relationships.

The average values of all companies are calculated and displayed in a clear summary so that a direct comparison with your individual company is possible at any time. In addition, specific groups, such as TMR farms, robot farms or other farm groups, can be displayed in detail. Experience a revolutionary form of consulting with the business comparison module, which gives you an unrivaled insight into the performance of your farms.