This indispensable analysis tool allows you to create your own lists with full access to the database. This gives you the ability to retrieve information that goes beyond the existing tools and set individual conditions to filter animals specifically according to your requirements.

The flexibility of this analysis tool allows you to create customized lists and compile the desired data yourself, without being limited to predefined tools or standard queries. This opens up a new world of data analysis for you to gain deeper insights into the performance and health of your herd and make informed herd management decisions.

In addition, the analysis tool allows you to adjust the font size and color of text and cells via conditions. The specified formatting is retained even when the data is transferred to Excel, giving you a clear and attractive presentation.

Custom formatting allows you to highlight important information, visualize trends, and create user-friendly reporting. This not only makes the analysis of your data accurate, but also aesthetically pleasing and easy to understand.

Overall, this analysis tool provides a comprehensive solution to realize the full potential of your database, get a comprehensive overview of your livestock and optimally manage the performance of your herd. It is a valuable tool to successfully manage your herd, promote animal welfare and increase productivity in the long run.