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The HERDEplus cow body scan (cbs) 3D image analysis system takes your daily animal monitoring to new dimensions. The assistance system measures the cows by sensors while they are in motion and always provides you with up-to-date progress data on locomotion and body condition.

Advanced technology
for animal health

Detected deviations from the animal-specific expected values allow you to draw conclusions about incipient lameness or lactation-dependent conditioning of your herd.

The data obtained are in constant exchange with the animal-individual information from the herd management system HERDEplus. If selection technology is available, these animals can be made available for evaluation and if necessary for treatment.

HERDEplus cow body scan was developed for the automated evaluation of Friesian-Holstein cows. The contactless technique determines the individual changes in movement behavior and deviations in body condition.

Benefits and features

  • Time savings
  • No fixation of the animals
  • Fault-free production process
  • Objective, contactless and automatic animal measurement
  • Detection and reporting of deviations from the animal’s individual normal condition
  • Output of watch lists with noticeable animals
  • Group- and individual-animal-specific evaluations
  • Early detection of hoof problems, excessive fat mobilization and overconditioning.
  • Positive effects on animal welfare and business success
  • Data link with HERDEplus and KLAUE

This is how it works


  • battery-free, maintenance-free animal detection recognizes the cow
  • Sensor detects key points on body “on-the-fly
  • Cow passes through the sensor area
  • Algorithms result in animal-specific deviations
  • Results are transferred to the herd management program

Results in herd management


The following requirements are necessary for the installation in your barn:

  • HERDEcowbodyscan is installed after the milking parlor, thereby a common return drive is required
  • This requires at least a 3-4 m long, straight, level walkway in which the cows can walk individually and without obstacles
  • Installation of the sensor with a clear view of the running area at a height of at least 3.40 m
  • No intentional stop or back up of animals in the sensor area, for a normal gait pattern without stressors

Furthermore you will need:

  • The herd management system HERDEplus with stored RFID transponders
  • A permanent Internet connection with more than 25 Mbit

About project


At Eurotier 2018, the collaborative project cow body scan was presented with the Innovations Award 2018 in silver by the German Agricultural Society (DLG), along with 24 other innovations. In addition, it was honored by the German Association of Practicing Veterinarians (bpt) and the DLG with the special “Animal Welfare Award”, which was awarded for the first time. This recognizes products that particularly meet the requirements for a higher animal welfare standard.

These awards are a great tribute to our work. They confirm that we are on the right track and at the same time it is an obligation for our determined further development up to the market launch.

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