Claw care

This must-have analysis tool is an integral part of the basic HERDEplus program. It provides a full evaluation of hoof care for cows, heifers and other animals. A thorough preparation and analysis of the last hoof care is efficiently supported by using this function. It allows quick identification of animals that have not been cared for since a certain date. In addition, it offers the possibility of making your own evaluations using a clear tabular presentation of the hoof care results.

It should be particularly emphasized that this analysis is based on scientific findings from the Klauenfitnet and Klauenfitnet 2.0 projects. The application of these scientific findings enables a sound and comprehensible implementation in practice.

In addition, the Claw application allows for easy and quick collection of claw care data, which can be done either by the claw care technician or, alternatively, by the farmer himself. The captured data can be transferred electronically and seamlessly to HERDEplus.

The user-friendly interface of the Klaue application significantly simplifies data collection. This helps ensure that hoof care data can be collected promptly and accurately without wasting valuable time. The electronic transfer of data to HERDEplus allows automatic updating of hoof care data in real time, ensuring that animal information is always up to date.

This seamless integration between the analysis function and the claw application ensures optimized data management and increases the efficiency of the claw care process. This gives farmers a comprehensive overview of the condition of hoof care in their herd and allows them to react promptly, if necessary, to improve hoof health.

Overall, the combination of the analysis function and the Claw application provides a comprehensive solution for optimizing claw care and animal health. It makes the job easier for both the hoof trimmer and the farmer and helps to ensure that hoof health in the herd is always in focus.

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