Advanced optimizer

This optional upgrade, the “Advanced Optimizer”, uses a custom feed optimization algorithm. By solving for better nutrition, you can maximize income over feed costs or minimize feed costs.

For an additional charge, AMTS.Farm.Cattle offers an advanced non-linear optimizer, .Cattle(ao). The Advanced Optimizer allows you to maximize income over feed costs or minimize feed costs. The complex algorithm starts with a base feed and iteratively makes small changes to create a better feed. This method gives you more freedom to make decisions, unlike any other optimizer in use today. It also presents a range of solutions from which you can then choose the diet you think is best! In this way, you, the professional nutritionist, can determine the best diet for the farm.

Also, this new optimizer has two objective functions: Minimize costs OR maximize income over feed costs. Our experience and research has shown that income can be improved by up to 10% compared to feed costs. Imagine how your customers would react if you could increase their IOFC by 10% – with today’s high feed costs!

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