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Press Release

Bellshill (UK) and Ketzin (D), July 2021

 IMV imaging partnering with dsp-Agrosoft GmbH

Launching this summer, users of the Easi-Scan:Go ultrasound scanner will be able to share data directly with farmers using HERDEmobil.

This integration will allow the scanner operator to instantly see the full picture of the cow’s health with the KPI of each animal displaying in the viewing device. After the farmer records the diagnosis in their HERDEmobil app, the scanner operator will receive confirmation in their viewing device that it was input correctly. The diagnosis and accompanying image, embedded with the KPI’s, are then uploaded to the HERDEmobil database. This solution is exclusive to the Easi-Scan:Go.

IMV imaging are an industry leading veterinary ultrasound designer and manufacturer, with over 35 years’ experience. IMV imaging are committed to designing innovative, fit-for-purpose solutions to improve productivity and animal welfare on farm.

With more than 28 years of experience, dsp-Agrosoft GmbH stand for innovative software solutions and competent customer service for farmers, veterinarians, hoof carers and partners involved in cattle production. Over 1 million cows are managed daily in over 3,000 farms using our herd management software.

54 day old fetus

The aim of this integration is to make on-farm scanning even more accurate. Human error still accounts for a portion of misdiagnoses and allowing these platforms to directly communicate lessens the likelihood of error. Instant access to KPI data allows the scan operator to better understand the condition of the cow, particularly their fertility status, in real time, ultimately improving the accuracy of the diagnosis. IMV imaging and dsp-Agrosoft believe that the time these features can save will allow vets or scanners to focus more of their time on non-pregnant cows.

“Data networking has been on the agenda of our software for years. As an independent herd management program, we depend on effective connectivity. Our users from the field of veterinary medicine and fertility management are thus moving even closer to the livestock farm and will further deepen their caring activities.” Dirk Leuschke, CEO dsp-Agrosoft GmbH

The first technology of its kind, this integration between IMV imaging and dsp-Agrosoft GmbH marks a step-change in the industry paving the way for more accurate recording, better animal welfare and a strengthened relationship between vets and farmers.

“Fostering a collaborative workflow between farmer and scanner operator has been on our roadmap for many years. The innovative :Go scanner platform has allowed us to develop a solution to seamlessly share cow based key performance indicators, during the ultrasound examination, especially useful during a not pregnant diagnosis and a feedback loop ensuring pregnancy state is correctly recorded in the Farm Management System, including images of the pregnancy.” Lee Cairns, Software Business Development Manager, IMV imaging.

If you would like more information on this integration please contact:

Sorcha Stephens, IMV imaging, +44 7912230420

Patricia Scholz, dsp-Agrosoft GmbH , +49 33233 / 810

Press release – Interface to smaxTec

dsp-Agrosoft and smaxTec jointly improve the user experience of dairy farmers through interface in HERDEplus

Graz, January 28, 2020 – Time is precious!

With the integration of smaXtec into the herd management program HERDEplus, dairy farmers can now access the data and messages of their smaXtec system directly in their herd management system. The simple integration of the existing smaXtec data into HERDEplus now gives the user an even better understanding of each individual animal in his herd. In addition, the user’s workload is significantly reduced by eliminating double data entry.

Animal health and fertility support

smaXtec offers a user-friendly early detection system to support herd management of dairy cows. The system provides valuable support for animal health and reproduction, as well as optional feeding. The revolutionary Bolus system provides the customer with valuable information about the animal’s health status based on the internal body temperature and movement activity. The strength of the unique “cow understanding system” lies in the earliest possible detectable of diseases, which allows the farmer to take the necessary measures before displaying clinical symptoms and thereby reduce time and effort. The aim of smaXtec is to help farmers in their daily work and to contribute to better animal health and welfare. The combination of the data of the herd management system and the individual, continuous cow monitoring contributes to the essential facilitation of work on the farm.

By individualizing the system, the farmer receives an alarm message as an e-mail and/or push message on his mobile phone whenever the values of each individual animal are deviated. The early alarm gives the farmer enough time to assess the individual animal and take preventive measures. With the help of technology, the farmer is able to react so much more quickly and reduce serious illnesses of his animals and medications by the earliest possible treatment. The earliest possible treatment reduces the suffering pressure of the animals and maintains a continuous productivity of the herd. An accurate infusion time window and the detection of the impending calving represent further areas of application for the use of the herd management system.

The aim of smaXtec is to facilitate the day-to-day work of dairy farms through useful insights and the early warning system for detecting irregularities. With the unique Bolus technology, the farmer is able to improve animal health and welfare, as well as animal performance and financial operating results through optimal herd management.

DSP has been developing and distributing…

agricultural software in the group with its subsidiaries dsp-Agrosoft GmbH and VIT-PC Software GmbH. Especially in the cattle sector, around 1 million cows are managed every day in more than 3,000 farms via the herd management software. In addition, numerous consultants and veterinarians use the diverse controlling software in inventory support and consulting.

Due to the collaboration of smaXtec and dsp-Agrosoft, data never needs to be entered twice again. In addition, animal-individual data is combined with data from the herd management system through comprehensive data synchronization, providing valuable support for dairy farmers’ decisions for the benefit of individual animal health and performance.

“The basis of any good cooperation is that both sides and all customers are satisfied with the result. So far, we can say that we are extremely satisfied with the result and that the cooperation with dsp-Agrosoft makes the experience even more enjoyable for the user of our system.”, Stefan Rosenkranz, CEO and co-founder of smaXtec.

For more information:

smaXtec animal care GmbH
Belgiergasse 3
8020 Graz, Austria
+43 316 46 15 88


New Executive Director

Dear business partners and customers,

We would like to inform you that Dr. Werner Feucker has resigned as executive director of Data Service Paretz GmbH and dsp-Agrosoft GmbH on 31.12.2019. We thank him for his successful work over many years and wish him all the best.

As his successor, Dirk Leuschke was appointed as executive director of Data Service Paretz GmbH and dsp-Agrosoft GmbH from 1 January 2020.

Mr. Leuschke is a graduate agricultural engineer (FH). He has many years of professional experience in both cattle production and computer application. In his role as product manager of dsp-Agrosoft GmbH, he has played a significant part in the further development and successful distribution of dsp-Agrosoft products since 2019.

Ketzin, 01.01.2020


Press release – interface to CattleData

Augsburg and Ketzin, September 2019

From now on, working with HERDEplus and CattleDatais even easier. The two companies have now officially released the new interface between the systems.

With the new coupling, farmers can easily access and use the data obtained with CattleDatafor brunt detection, health monitoring, monitoring feeding times and cow tracking via HERDEplus, of course, all in real time. A monitor, a user interface and all relevant data at a glance!

CattleData: One system – all functions! The unique tracking system makes it possible. Batteryless ear tags serve as an electronic id card for your animals. Whether cow tracking, brunch detection, movement analysis or cow detection in the milking parlour, in the robot or at the selection gate: With CattleData you have a system for all the needs of a modern dairy farm. CattleDataoffers farmers the ideal method for automatic herd monitoring in real time: continuous, seamless and cost-effective.

HERDEplus is a new development based on the well-known herd management software from dsp-Agrosoft. The know-how of more than 40 years is continued. HERDEplus offers better possibilities than its predecessor application and uses state-of-the-art interface technology to a wide range of manufacturers. Farmers can now access CattleDatadata directly and automatically.

Together with information from other sub-sectors of herd management, such as milk quantities, concentrated feed consumption and animal health data, the user is given a comprehensive picture of the individual animal to the entire herd. This enables informed decisions at all levels of herd management.

CattleData GmbH

CattleData GmbH was born out of a research project at the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich. In the Clinic for Ruminants, Dr. Oliver Dietrich developed a method for automated breast detection that is fundamentally different from the known methods: battery-free, cost-effective and future-proof.

As veterinarians and IT data analysts, the CattleData GmbH team knows the management and health problems in dairy cattle sales up close. CattleData provides sensible solutions for animal health and cost-effectiveness.


For more information:


Phone: +49 (0) 162/9714114

dsp-Agrosoft GmbH, System house for agriculture

Since 1991, DSP has been developing and distributing agricultural software in a joint venture with its subsidiaries dsp-Agrosoft GmbH and VIT PC-Software GmbH. In the cattle sector in particular, more than 1 million cows are farmed on more than 3,000 farms every day through their herd management software. In addition, more than 1500 consultants and veterinarians use the diverse controlling software in inventory management and consulting.




For more information:


Phone: +49 (0)33233 / 810

Press release – Interface to SMARTBOW by Zoetis

Berlin and Ketzin, March 2019

SMARTBOW by Zoetis and HERDEplus by dsp-Agrosoft present common interface

SMARTBOW, the advanced monitoring system for dairy cows, announces the interface of the system with HERDEplus. The new interface extends the existing pairing possibilities.

SMARTBOW provides dairy farmers with real-time data for health and chewing monitoring, breast detection and cow tracking in real time. The industry-leading accuracy of the data collected provides users with the insights they need at all times.

The HERDEpluspairing enables the retrieval and sending of the cow-specific data, group membership, the transfer of brunch alarms as well as the day-to-day chewing times. This allows you to manage each cow to reach its full potential.

HERDEplus is a new development based on the well-known herd management software. The know-how of more than 40 years is continued. HERDEplus offers better capabilities than its predecessor and can be connected to various technical interfaces, such as Zoetis’ advanced milk cow monitoring system, SMARTBOW.

The development of health monitoring, breast detection and cow tracking systems provides new insights for you; at the same time, the insights should be scalable as the amount of data increases. Therefore, as a user, you expect the right solution for your operation and receive comprehensive data synchronization from HERDEplus to SMARTBOW and vice versa. With information from other sub-areas of herd management, such as milk quantities, concentrated feed consumption and animal health data, you as a user get a more comprehensive picture and enable you to make an informed decision.

SMARTBOW: Early detection = better results

SMARTBOW helps dairy farmers improve animal health and results. Zoetis, the world’s leading animal health company, offers you an effective and comfortable solution with the smart ear brand SMARTBOW. With industry-leading accuracy, you can manage each cow to its full potential. The better insights lead to better decisions and save you time and money. The advanced technology is complemented by close care from our animal health experts.

Find out more on


For more information:

Zoetis Deutschland GmbH

Phone: +49 (0)30 / 330063385


dsp-Agrosoft, system house for agriculture

Since 1991, DSP has been developing and distributing agricultural software in a joint venture with its subsidiaries dsp-Agrosoft GmbH and VIT PC-Software GmbH. In the cattle sector in particular, more than 1 million cows are farmed daily in more than 3,000 farms through their herd management software.

More than 1500 consultants and veterinarians use the complex controlling software in inventory management and consulting.

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For more information:

dsp-Agrosoft GmbH

Phone: +49 (0)33233 / 810


EuroTier Innovation Award Silver Medal for cow body scan

Modern and timesaving observation with cow body scan (cbs):

The innovative 3D image analysis system captures bodycondition, gait pattern and measurements of the body at the same time.

More information you will get at the EuroTier 2018 on the DLG Special “Digital Animal Farming” Hall 26  / A06f  and on our booth Hall 26 / C15

Ketzin, Sept. 2018:

Animal welfare is in the focus of today’s society. Recent studies on the assessment of animal health reveal that up to 50% of the animals in a herd of dairy cows may have hoof and limb problems (EBERT et al., 2017). In addition, motor skill disorders are the second most common cause of animal loss (LKV SACHSEN, 2017). So far it has only been possible to detect initial lameness and overconditioning in dairy herds by a trained eye. This costs time and depends entirely on the observer. If there is no or insufficient animal observation, serious consequences for the herd may result. The cows are not optimally conditioned and suffer from metabolic disorders, which not only leads to a decline in performance and fertility disorders but also to animal losses. Particularly in today’s complex field of herd management, time for holistic animal observations are rare, but essential to ensure a smooth production process and economic success.

Pic.1: 3D Analysis

To support a targeted animal observation, the assistance system cow body scan was developed for herd management. The scientific and technical foundations for the automatic, non-contact condition determination of cattle were created in the predecessor project On-Farm-Recording with the optiCOW sensor (PACHE et al., 2013). The funding of these collaborative projects with the project partners (Dorsch Software, Schneider Electronics, dsp-Agrosoft and the LFULG Saxony) was and is provided by the BMEL through the BLE project sponsorship as part of the program for promoting innovation through funding from the special purpose funds of the Federal Government and the Landwirtschaftliche Rentenbank.


Pic.2: Creation of the individual gait pattern

cow body scan offers livestock farmers a 3D image analysis system that measures three parameters of the cow: Body Condition = Cow Condition Score (CCS), Gait = Cow Movement Score (CMS) and Body Size = Cow Size (CS). The detection happens without contact, automatically and objectively after each milking session for the entire herd with a 3D image sensor. The cow is identified by an electronic animal identification. From the gait of the cow in motion, the sensor determines the CCS, CMS and CS parameters. The determined data are processed via software in the on-site system. It is then stored and remains in constant exchange with the animal-specific information from the herd management system HERDEplus. This in turn provides the farmer a current, up-to-date list of animals suspect of sickness or illness and gives him information of the deviation of the condition and movement parameters of every individual animals normal state. With existing selection techniques, these suspect animals can be selected for examination or treatment.


Pic.3: Analysis of the gait pattern to determine deviations from the normal status

The CCS simplifies the previous classic condition assessment. The combination of CCS and CMS can contribute significantly to the improvement of hoof health and the early detection of changes in the gait pattern caused by diseases. The new information can be used in herd management in many ways by making the evaluation of individual animals, through defined groups (eg feeding groups) to the entire stock, possible. The livestock farmer has the opportunity to respond quickly to individual animals in suspicion of illness and take appropriate action. Lists of suspected lame animals, for example, can be transmitted directly to the hoof trimmer via the management software. The time gained in this way can be invested in targeted animal observation. This in turn promotes the economic success and animal welfare.




The decisive advantages of cow body scan:

  • Saving time
  • No fixation of, and less stress to the cows
  • Less interruptions in the production process
  • Objective, contactless and automatic measurement of the animals health and growth
  • Detection of deviations from the normal state of individual animals
  • Daily providing of indicators for, the herd management without additional workload
  • Interface with HERDEplus  and KLAUE
  • Data-evaluation ranging from the entire herd to single cows
  • Alarm list with conspicuous animals
  • Positive effects on profit performance and animal welfare


  • PACHE, S., HÖLSCHER, R., STEINHÖFEL, I., FISCHER, R. (2013); KTBL – 11th Conference Construction, Engineering ans Enviroment in Livestock Farming., Vechta Darmstadt 2013, S.275-280
  • LKV SACHSEN (2017); Prüfung der Rinder auf Robustheit und Gesundheit (GERO), Jahresabschluss 2017, S. 7 Download
  • EBERT, F., CERNA, A., ULLRICH, E.; STARKE, A. (2017); Systemanalyse im Milchviehbestand – Schwerpunkt Bewegungsapparat,
  • Workshop 3 – Wissenstransfer zur Verbesserung der Wirtschaftsleistung landwirtschaftlicher Betriebe, Leipzig 2017 Download


Press release – Interface to CowManager

Harmelen and Ketzin, october 2018

CowManager and dsp-Agrosoft are glad to tell you about the new developed interface between both systems.

CowManagerthe leading cow monitoring program, announces the interface of its system with HERDEplus an. The new interface expands the existing coupling possibilities.

CowManager data contains detailed information about the health, fertility and nutrition status of the animals. The coupling allows the retrieval and transmission of cow-specific data in both systems simultaneously, delivering the most accurate information about the animals anytime – an important prerequisite for making the right decision.

HERDEplus is a new development based on the previous herd management software with the know-how of more than 40 years. HERDEplus offers better possibilities than its previous version and can be connected to various technical interfaces, such as CowManager health monitoring technology.

The rapid development of heat and health monitoring including animal location requires new technologies that are scalable with increasing data volumes. Our customers are looking for the right solution for their operation and expect comprehensive data synchronization from HERDEplus to CowManager and inversely. With the information from other areas of the herd management, such as milk yield, consumption of concentrated feed and animal health data give the user a more complete picture and enable him to make well-founded decision on upcoming animal actions.

CowManager simplifies your life

CowManager was developed by dairy farmers to increase the productivity and profitability of dairy farms. The innovative and user-friendly technology provides reliable data on the behavior and condition of the cows. It will offer farmers simple and successful solutions which make work easier, more efficient and better.

Learn more at the EuroTier 2018 in Hall 11, Booth E 61


For more information: 

CowManager B.V.

Phone:      +31 (0)348 / 443840


dsp-Agrosoft, system house for agriculture

The DSP develops and sells agricultural software in a company group since 1991 with its subsidiaries dsp-Agrosoft GmbH and VIT PC-Software GmbH. Especially in the cattle sector, more than 1 million cows are managed daily in 2900 farms via their herd management software. More than 1500 consultants and veterinarians use the complex controlling software for livestock management and consulting.

Learn more  EuroTier 2018 in Hall 26, Booth C 15


For more information:

dsp-Agrosoft GmbH

Phone:   +49 (0)33233 / 810


Press release – Sano and dsp sign cooperation agreement

Moderne Tierernährung GmbHData Service Paretz GmbH

Loiching / Ketzin, June 2018

Developing agriculture together

Sano, the world’s leading animal nutrition company, and dsp, the market leader in herd management software in Germany, have signed an agreement on future collaboration.

The economic viability of cattle production is significantly influenced by feeding. The cooperation aims to ensure animal-friendly feeding, while respecting the complex information relationships on animal health and fertility, animal welfare and environmental and consumer protection. As a basis for this, a database-based evaluation and early warning system for farmers, veterinarians and consultants is being developed.

The objectives are as follows:

  • Holistic consulting based on comprehensive software solutions
  • Qualification of the software with regard to ration calculation and feeding as well as controlling
  • International distribution of cattle software by Sano


To this end, both companies contribute their core competencies:
Sano: Special know-how in animal nutrition and herd management consulting as well as market presence in more than 35 countries around the world
dsp: Design of complex information systems involving farmers, veterinarians, consultants, agricultural associations, data centres and milking, feeding and sensor techniques

Richard Waldinger, Managing Director of Sano, says:
We look forward to all upcoming projects. With dsp, Sano meets the perfect partner for cooperation on the way to digitalization. Through the intensive evaluation of all information complexes, holistic advice at a higher level is made possible for us.

Jürgen Imker, Managing Director of dsp, says:
Sano’s know-how in feeding in conjunction with its international experience flows into our software. This will bring about a new quality, in particular through the implementation of leading international procedures and methodologies.

Caption: On a good partner project:Management and responsible for the two cooperation partners Sano (Moderne Tierernährung GmbH) and dsp (Data Service Paretz GmbH)


Sano, the company with a future
Sano is one of the world’s largest producers of mineral feed, milk exchangers and special products in modern animal nutrition.
Since its foundation in 1976 in Grafenwald, municipality of Loiching, the company has grown strongly. Sano now employs more than 700 people worldwide and has independent sister companies and sales companies in more than 35 countries around the world.

dsp, system house for agriculture
since 1991, dsp has been developing and distributing agricultural software in a group of companies with its subsidiaries dsp-Agrosoft GmbH and VIT PC-Software GmbH. In the cattle sector in particular, more than 1 million cows are farmed daily in 2,900 farms through their herd management software. More than 1,500 consultants and veterinarians use the complex controlling software in inventory management and consulting.
Sano – Moderne Tierernährung GmbH
Leiterin Unternehmenskommunikation, Claudia Herrmann
dsp – Data Service Paretz GmbH
Telefon: +49 (0)8744 / 9601-142
Fax: +49 (0)8744 / 9601-99
Telefon: +49 (0)33233 / 810
Fax: +49 (0)33233 / 80962


Download the press release

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The videos were created on the basis of existing customer requests and are intended to show how they can use certain functionalities. We will expand the existing application examples with further ones in the future.

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