What is AMTS.Cattle.Pro?

AMTS.Cattle.Pro is a software program for evaluating and formulating diets in dairy and beef production systems. AMTS is a licensed version of the Cornell Net Carbohydrate and Protein System (CNCPS).

Who uses AMTS.Cattle.Pro?

AMTS is designed to be used by nutritionists and industry support personnel trained in animal nutrition. Our program is used to balance diets for millions of animals in over 40 countries around the world.

How do I try out the program?

You have the opportunity to test the program for 30 days without obligation and for free! Under the menu item Advantages of AMTS.Cattle.Pro/Free Trial Version you can easily and quickly download:

  1. Register as a new user.
  2. Download and install the full-functioning program.
  3. Use the program with no obligation for 30 days.

How much does the program cost?

The base program is $700 USD/year (~611€/year). No setup fee, just a simple yearly subscription price. Volume discounts are available.

Where do I go for support?

We provide unparalleled software support and nutrition training to our clients.

Advantages of AMTS.Cattle.Pro

Laboratory Analysis

AMTS.Cattle.Pro is most powerful when paired with quality feed analysis. Carbohydrate digestion (starch and fiber) is a very important parameter. The CNCPS system uses laboratory digestibility at three time-points to estimate how fast the cow will degrade fiber. We recommend analyzing most forages on a monthly basis.

Fiber (aNDFom)Crude proteinDry matter
SugarsSoluble proteinAsh
VFANDICPEther extract
7hr starch digestibilityADICP
In vitro NDF digestibility
Where can I get my forages analyzed?

The near-infrared spectroscopy (NIR) allows for rapid and ecomic analysis for field use. There are several labs in the Europe, Germany, the UK and Russia that offer CNCPS-style analysis using NIR. Many of these labs have specific regional calibrations to improve accuracy.

Rock River Laboratory EuropeRock RiverGermany
Cortal ExtraSoyDairyOneItaly
Laboratorio Analisi ZooTecnicheDairylandItaly
DM ScientificCVASUK
Lacteus LaboratoriesDairylandFrance
Nova LabCVASRussia
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    Intergrierte Tierärztliche Bestandsbetreuung (ITB)

    Veterinarians need accurate information on the current status and the development of animal health as well as individual and animal stock performance. For this purpose the information system Integrierte Tierärztliche Bestandsbetreuung (ITB) was developed in close connection to the herd management system HERDEplus. It is closely linked to the herd management systems of the famers and the central mainframe computers, the HIT and increasingly to practice administration.

    Different modules meet different requirements. A fundamental separation is made between two primary fields of application:

    • ITB Bestandsführung
    • ITB Controlling

    Advantages of Intergrierte Tierärztliche Bestandsbetreuung (ITB)

    • a realization of the data collection through a data survey that is coordinated and complementary with the producer
    • a combination of the animal health data with the performance data of the animals
    • an intensive evaluation based on a common diagnostic and disposal code as well as uniform algorithms and indicators

    ITB Bestandsführung (ITB-B)

    The ITB Bestandsführung consists of a simple herd management system with integrated animal health monitoring that is specifically designed for the needs of the veterinarian.

    This ensures a complete lifestock management in a complex data network with all available data sources. Through these, the current animal stocks are taken over into the ITB Bestandsführung and continuously updated without additional manual work.

    Advantages of ITB Bestandsführung (ITB-B)

    Advantages at one glance

    Data comparison to:

    • Hi-Tier (HIT)
    • dairy control association (LKV)
    • laboratories (feedstuff, milk, blood, urine, …)
    • central data center, health databank
    • practice management system
    • insemination and breeding organizations
    • hoof care and
    • herd management systems
    Supporting the daily work
    • automatic animal stock matching with HIT
    • insemination and control of the repeat breeder syndrome
    • breeding hygiene (puerperal, pregnancy and sterility)
    • embryo transfer and biotechnological procedures
    • diagnosis, treatment, vaccination and reintroduction
    • HIT – notification for health data
    • TAM notification
    Interactions with the farmers:
    • puerperal control, heat, pregnancy and sterility
    • information about pregnant animals
    • stock overview
    • create weekly plans
    Data flow with connection to ITB
    • documentation of veterinary activities and services in the office administration
    • transfer of data to ITB including AuA
    • transfer of AuA from the ITB to the HERDE of the farmer
    • recording the use of medication by the farmer
    • transfer of the livestock book to the practice administration
    • notification on databank

    ITB Controlling (ITB-C)

    Developed for analytical work in the context of veterinary care, ITB controlling mainly supports the veterinarian’s prophylactic work in reproductive and health analysis as well as feeding control.

    Advantages of ITB Controlling (ITB-C)

    Advantages at one glance
    • early detection of abnormalities, weak spots, feeding-, holding- and management mistakes
    • determination of a company’s optima (voluntary waiting time, optimal insemination period)
    • procedural and effectiveness control measures, biotechnological processes and treatment strategies
    • combination of diagnostics and treatment with performance data
    • the cause of the short economic life and life effectiveness
    • Veterinary economics and lost income versus veterinary costs

    ITB mobil iOS


    For a closer and more effective cooperation between veterinarian and farmer, we have created the modules ITB mobile (for your own Iphone) and stable book mobile (for the farmer’s iPhone). In this context, the farmer receives a simple, clear and mobile herd management for all iOS devices after the data has been provided by the veterinarian. The veterinarian directly sends his farmer’s current animal stock from the ITB Bestandsführung to the farmer’s mobile device by email and receives additional information from the farmer that would otherwise not be available. The new data is ready for evaluation immediately after the import.

    Visit the app store and download the free demo version on your iOS device.




    Advantages of ITB mobil iOS

    Data collection from the farmer
    • stable numbers
    • insemination and heat
    • pregnancy and calving
    • diagnosis
    • drying off
    Data display for the vet
    • All information can be called up quickly and clearly in the mobile device
    • Decision support even without the farmer, because additional information available


    ITB Futter provides the user with the ability to calculate, change and manage rations with little manual effort. The integrated ration evaluation sheds light on the coverage of the need for important indicators, such as intake of dry matter, energy or structurally effective roughage. The basis of the program is the guideline of the DLG. Another function is the control of the feed mixer wagon as well as the daily evaluation of the amount of feed added to the groups


    Advantages of ITB FUTTER

    Advantages at one glance
    • simple and user-friendly control
    • usage of various feeding value tables (DLG, LKV Sachsen, Gruber feeding value table, LMS Schwerin, consulting tables)
    • Assessment of the ration in terms of physiological efficacy and economy
    Documentation possibilities
    • total- or part mixed ration
    • three parts feeding with basic, compensatory and performance feed
    • concentrated feed list
    Technical connections
    • digital reading of feed tests from the laboratory
    • feed mixer wagon (for example Dinamica, MOBA, PTM, MerryWaage)
    • Data exchange with the herd management program HERDE to the performance group classification


    KLAUE is a software solution for veterinarians to increase the efficiency of detecting and evaluating hoof health. The recording takes place directly at the hoof stand under stable conditions with minimal effort. With a touch-screen pc, all entries can be made directly by finger pressure, even with gloves. Multi-program data synchronization supports companies with multiple caregivers in multiple locations.

    Proof of work and delivery note can be obtained directly on site. In addition, replay lists are automatically created for the next visit. The evaluation of claw health gives the advantage of software-supported documentation.

    The documentation includes the automatically created AuA-list.


    Advantages of ITB KLAUE

    • Integration of the ICAR diagnosis key
    • Recording of BCS, locomotion score and pen-walk-bonitures
    • Interface to the distribution to the vit
    • Import from HIT
    • Support of internal appliance camera
    • Clarity of program options with gesture function
    • new help for claw diagnosis description at capture
    • Proof of work with signatures of the hooftrimmer and the farmer
    • Output of technical files for milking parlorsKlauendokumentation mit Foto

    For better documentation – photo added with a Wi-Fi enabled camera

    Advantages at one glance
    • Easy use with a touchscreen
    • Explanation of all diagnoses
    • History of all care data, illness data  and treatment data
    • Farm-specific administration
    • Automatic check-up
    Documentation and analysis


    • Care data
    • Diagnosis
    • Work certificate
    • Interface with HERDE
    • Check-up of individual animals
    • Presentation to the vet



    • diagnoses
    • Analysis of the health development
    Data connection

    Data import to/from

    • Herd management System HERDEplus, HERDEplus T4C and HerdeW
    • ADIS-/ADED-format from the data centre
    • HIT inventory statistics

    KLAUE data export is possible to:

    • to the herd management systems HERDEplus, HERDEplus T4C, HerdeW and ITB
    • as well as participants of the project KuhVision

    Findeisen Klauenpflege, which meanwhile are more than 20 years claw care in the whole of Germany. We also started small.

    The start took place in 1993 as a one-man business. After three months, the first reinforcement was needed due to the great demand. Gradually, more and more customers came to it, so that currently 27 employees are active in claw care.

    Due to our size, we can adapt well to local conditions to ensure fast and professional hoof care.

    In cooperation with the Agricultural Educational Center in Echem, our hoof curlers are also brought up to date once or twice a year in theory and practice, even after they have completed their specialized Courses.


    The KLAUE has been designed for touch operation. In addition to our software, we also offer the corresponding hardware.

    So the KLAUE ePAD is intended for stationary use:

    • Screen diagonal from 15 to 17 inches
    • shock and impact resistant, as well as use of SSD and passive cooling
    • Also available as IP65 device
    • Flexible wall mount available

    For mobile use, the Pokini brand devices are our favorite.

    • Screen diagonal up to 12 inches
    • Impact-resistant and impact-resistant by Gorilla © -Glass
    • Battery life up to 10 hours, depending on the application
    • Accessories: keyboard, protective cover and quick-charging dunking station
    System Requirements
    • Processor: 1.5GHz and better (Intel)
    • Hard disk: 64GB SSD
    • USB ports: at least 1, better 2
    • USB3.0 can be recognized by the light blue socket

    You need a (full) Windows (C) tablet, no Apple (C), no Samsung (C), no Android (C)

    Since the input is designed for touch operation, we recommend a size from 10 inches, devices for stationary use are available from 15 inches. Protective covers and outdoor use, even in damp and dusty environments, must be considered before you buy.

    If you want to work mobile, pay attention to the battery power, as well as the charging speed (better with docking station). Although the charging function via mini USB would also work in the car, however, the susceptibility to repairs in case of defect of this type of connection is very high.

    Request a quote from your dealer, we will help you in case of warranty. You should consider this when buying a cheap device. Cheap devices are usually not worth repairing them.