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KLAUE is a software solution for farmers to enhance the efficiency of  recording and evaluating claw health.

The recording can be realized at the claw stand in the stable with minimal effort. With the help of a touchscreen PC all the data can be recorded by the touch of a finger, even with gloves. Fitting hardware for the stationary and mobile use complete our offer.

In addition, new lists for the next check-up are automatically created.


Advantages of KLAUE

News for Update
  • revised major version and introduction of fundamentally new online licensing
  • new modern outfit with adaptation to widescreen devices
  • the method of recording the claw diagnoses has been retained and the following points have been added:
    • “Animal paralyzes”
    • Body Condition Score (BCS) and Locomotion Score (LMS)
    • Pen Walk Rating (Mortellaro)
    • Animal hygiene (pollution)
  • Display of the current energy or charge status as well as a “screen off” function to save electricity (for cordless devices)
  • Collection of operating data and recording of the type of current company visit
  • Article and diagnostic statistics for individual animals can be called up directly in the acquisition mode
  • Assign your own automatic article and service assignments to defined diagnoses
  • Animal data comparison from HERDEplus to claw (via web interface)
  • Data exchange with Qualitas (CH), RDV (D) and VIT (D)
  • Extensive revised evaluations in particular is proof of work can be sorted by stall or ear number the set-up times have been added
  • Marking animals for presentation (will be kept on a separate list)
    • Revision of Explanation of the diagnoses including pictures
    • Promotional and appointment calendar
    • data backup
  • Expansion of the interfaces to electronic RFID readers
Documentation and analysis


  • Care data
  • Diagnosis
  • Work certificate
  • Interface with HERDE
  • Check-up of individual animals
  • Presentation to the vet



  • diagnoses
  • Analysis of the health development
Functions for service providers
  • Multi-tenant clients
  • Proof of working and set-up times and accounting
  • Synchronization between several claw applications

advanced evaluations:

  • Proof of work
  • Set-up time proof
  • Scheduling
  • Delivery note
  • Accounting
Data connection

Data import to/from

  • Herd management System HERDEplus, HERDEplus T4C and HerdeW
  • ADIS-/ADED-format from the data centre
  • HIT inventory statistics

KLAUE data export is possible to:

  • to the herd management systems HERDEplus, HERDEplus T4C, HerdeW and ITB
  • as well as participants of the project KuhVision
Supported projects
  • KuhVision
  • KLAUENfitnet 1.0
  • Gesunde Klauen
  • KLAUENfitnet 2.0

Findeisen Klauenpflege, which meanwhile are more than 20 years hoof care in the whole of Germany. We also started small.

The start took place in 1993 as a one-man business. After three months, the first reinforcement was needed due to the great demand. Gradually, more and more customers came to it, so that currently 27 employees are active in hoof care.

Due to our size, we can adapt well to local conditions to ensure fast and professional hoof care.

In cooperation with the Agricultural Educational Center in Echem, our hoof curlers are also brought up to date once or twice a year in theory and practice, even after they have completed their specialized Courses.


The KLAUE has been designed for touch operation. In addition to our software, we also offer the corresponding hardware.

dsp ePAD

So the KLAUE ePAD is intended for stationary use:

  • Screen diagonal from 15 to 17 inches
  • shock and impact resistant, as well as use of SSD and passive cooling
  • Also available as IP65 device
  • Flexible wall mount available
mobile Windows© Geräte


For mobile use, the Pokini FS-K-12 are our favorite.

  • Screen diagonal up to 12 inches
  • Impact-resistant and impact-resistant by Gorilla © -Glass
  • Battery life up to 8 hours, depending on the application
  • Accessories: keyboard, protective cover and quick-charging dunking station
System requirements
  • Processor: 1.5GHz and better (Intel)
  • Hard disk: 64GB SSD
  • USB ports: at least 1, better 2
  • USB3.0 can be recognized by the light blue socket

You need a (full) Windows (C) tablet, no Apple (C), no Samsung (C), no Android (C)

Since the input is designed for touch operation, we recommend a size from 10 inches, devices for stationary use are available from 15 inches. Protective covers and outdoor use, even in damp and dusty environments, must be considered before you buy.

If you want to work mobile, pay attention to the battery power, as well as the charging speed (better with docking station). Although the charging function via mini USB would also work in the car, however, the susceptibility to repairs in case of defect of this type of connection is very high.

Request a quote from your dealer, we will help you in case of warranty. You should consider this when buying a cheap device. Cheap devices are usually not worth repairing them.