NEXT Schlagkartei Office

Next SchlagkarteiOffice is used for the planning, documentation and control of agricultural measures in order to comply with the legal documentation requirements. Interfaces to on-board computers, mobile applications and the interlinking with the native modules (Pacht und Antrag, GIS, Teilflächenmanagement etc.) make the documentation effective and easy.

Advantages of NEXT Schlagkartei Office

Advantages at one glance
  • documentation of all implemented measures
  •  create orders and hand over to board terminals or mobile devices
  • use of stored sample data
  • import and utilization of soil samples
Complete documentation
  • QS-label
  • QM
  • Eurep-GAP
  • product documentation
  • warehouse and transport documentation
Extensive evaluations
  • field data in the different stages of development
  • crop rotation overview
  • land parcel chronology
  • consumable use
  • operational branch billing
Advanced function NEW
  • dashboard
  • connection weather station
  • DVO modul


NEXT Mobile DOC/JOCApp as an android or iOS app on your smartphone or tablet is the perfect complement to your field data. In terms of timeliness, the mobile app  becomes more and more popular. You and your employees can capture any work on site. All planned tasks can be sent directly from the smartphone or tablet as an order to the respective device of the responsible employee.

Advantages of NEXT Mobile DOC/JOB App

Advanced function NEW
  • send orders to other devices
  • show company card
  • display all terminals
  • navigation to field parcels and addresses
  • phoning from the app
Advantages at one glance
  • iOS and android-app
  • individual measures booking
  • collective bookings on several field parcels
  • time tracking
  • access to all master data
  • measures templates
  • transfer of several harvest years is possible


NEXT GISOffice (graphic information system) expands the possibilities of using a classic map. In addition to the visualization of numerous geographic data formats, the NEXT GISOffice module handles the linking of data from the NEXT Office Schlagkartei with the graphic field parts and this forms the basis for income mapping.

Advantages of NEXT GIS Office

Advantages at one glance
  • graphic field parcels management
  • graphical cultivation plan and evaluation
  • measuring surfaces and distances
  • construct, plan and edit GIS-objects
  • extensive printing routines and presentation options
  • free level management
  • deposit of background maps
  • import and export of various data formats
  • import of field blocks and landscape elements
  • connection to mobile GPS-surveying equipment
Import and export of various data formats
  • vector and grid based data formats
  • import of field blocks and landscape elements
  • import and export of many formats with coordinate transformation (Shape, Google Earth KML u.a.)
  • connection to mobile GPS-surveying equipment
Advanced function NEW
  • feel free to navigate
  • UTM coordinates convert request
  • level management
  • application blocking zones

NEXT Pacht- und Flächenverwaltung Office

With the NEXT Pacht- und FlächenverwaltungOffice you can manage all of your leasing contracts, exchange areas and user contracts. Furthermore, all property areas are displayed in this module. The parcel land register is directly linked to the contract management and can be integrated into your field data. The running control gives you a precise overview of all contracts at a specific deadline.

Advantages of NEXT Pacht- und Flächenverwaltung Office

Advantages at one glance
  • creating the lease area proof at any time
  • evaluation of lease-, exchange- and property areas
  • administration of various property and use areas
  • comfortable management of a large number of parcels
  • lease calculation for automated payment transactions
  • management of lease-, exchange- and property areas
  • integrated contract text management
  • duration control for exact contract management
  • bankclearing
  • serial letter and label printing
Clear presentation of the parcel land register
  • complete field register
  • history about single parcel sections
  • possibility of assignment to the individual parcels
  • import of ALK-data of the land surveying
  • comparison of already stored data with the ALB
Advanced function NEW
  • tramline management
  • reference-/ potential maps
  • evaluation of harvest quality data

NEXT Teilflächenmanagement Office

NEXT TeilflächenmanagementOffice is a process for the location-differentiated and efficient cultivation of agricultural areas. Centimeter-precise area management is the current topic in agriculture. All factual data with geographic reference are processed and evaluated in the NEXT TeilflächenmanagementOffice.

Advantages of NEXT Teilflächenmanagement Office

Advantages at one glance
  • geographic weak spot analysis of your field parcels
  • processing of GPS-supported soil samples
  • application maps / digital soil map
  • direct interface to your on-board computer
  • TF base map (satellite image evaluation)
  • maps for the field capacity
  • yield mapping of ALL manufacturers
  • sensor maps and FarmFacts GreenSeeker-data
  • seed, fertilizer and crop protection distribution on the area
Advanced function NEW
  • tramline management
  • reference-/ potential maps
  • evaluation of harvest quality data

NEXT Düngeplanung Office

Over the years, it is closely monitored whether the fertilization of the previous year was too high or too low. Similarly, the nutrients in the crop residues of the previous year are calculated. According to this, there will be an increase or decrease in fertilizer application and in this way an adequate use of fertilizer can be achieved.

Advantages of NEXT Düngeplanung Office

Advantages at one glance
  • calculation of the crop residues of the previous year
  • calculation of up to 13 nutrients
  • consideration of over / under-fertilization of the previous year
  • adjustments to country-specific requirements are possible
  • individual fertilizer systems can be implemented
  • multi-annual planning
  • calculation of manure from livestock
  • calculates optimal amount of organic and mineral fertilizers
  • saves costs and secures yields for farmers
  • takes over all important information from the field data for the consultant
  • multi-client capable
  • individual demands possible (water cooperation)
Advanced function NEW
  • linear optimization for cost-effective fertilizer selection
  • preselection of fertilizer parameters

NEXT Flächenvermessung Office

You have to measure areas, document your landscape elements for an application or record your field data division grafic? NEXT FlächenverwaltungOffice offers you a comprehensive package with which you can transparently and precisely implement your surveying for the company.

Advantages of NEXT Flächenvermessung Office

Advantages at one glance
  • measurement of areas, lines and points
  • display of the actual position in the graphical overview
  • deposit of aerial photographs and other background maps
  • soil type maps or similar
  • search of different points, marks and lines
  • import and export to all common GIS-solutions in the Shape-format
  • different measurement modes (manual and automated)
  • connection of various GPS receivers (via USB / Bluetooth / Serial)

NEXT Erntejahr- und Kostenplanung Office

NEXT Erntejahr- und Kostenplanungserves serves the accurate planning of a complete crop year from the cultivation plan to the sowing. Based on the target yields and soil sampling results, the necessary fertilizers, crop protection measures and other stock management measures, including tillage and harvesting are proposed. The various schedules stored in scenarios can now be converted into bookings in NEXT Schlagkartei OFFICE and exported to order slips, apps and on-board computers.

Advantages of NEXT Erntejahr- und Kostenplanung Office

Advantages at one glance
  • mobile measurement of fields
  • display of all GIS-data
  • self-sufficient work
  • create and edit points, distances and restricted areas
  • interface to your AO GIS
  • background maps selection
  • extensive export functions
  • free level management
  • backup/editing of GIS data directly on the device
Advanced function NEW
  • direct printing from the app