cow body scan

cow body scan

The 3D image analysis system  cow body scan allows you to observate your animals in a new dimension. The assistance system measures the animals sensory out of the movement and always provides you with up-to-date data. By evaluating 3-dimensional points in space, using most modern technology, the cbs sensor records body condition, gait pattern and body measurements in one, to draw conclusions from existing lamenesses and asses the condition of the whole herd.

The data collected is in constant exchange with the animal-specific information from the herd management software HERDEplus. If a selection technique is available, these animals can be provided for assessment and, if necessary, treatment.

Are you interested in the product? Then do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to advise you. The sale is expected to start in the fall of 2019.



Advantages of cow body scan

Advantages at a glance
  • time saving
  • no fixation of, and less stress to the cow
  • less interruption in the production process
  • ojective, contactless and automatic measurement of the animals
  • detection of deviations from the normal state of each animal
  • alarm lists with conspicious animals
  • daily data providing
  • data-evaluating ranging from the entire herd to single cows
  • positive effects on animal welfare and business success
  • early detection of hoof problems and overconditions
  • interface with HERDEplus and KLAUE
Body condition = cow condition score (ccs)
  • feeding optimization over the whole lactation based on information about body mass mobilization, fatty degeneration, excessive loss of weight, energy balances etc.
  • feeding control in the dry period
  • avoidance of metabolism diseases, excessive demand of adaptability of the animals etc.
  • definition of the animal individual voluntary waiting period
Gait pattern = cow movement score (cms)
  • early detection of abnormal changes in the gait pattern
  • improvement of hoof health in connection with the management software KLAUE
Body measurements = cow size (cs)
  • control of growth
Usage requirements

For the optimal use of your future cow body scan you should consider and ensure the following needed circumstances of your cowshed:

  • a narrow straight alley, about 4 meters long, in which the cows can walk only behind each other
  • no stop of the animal immediately before or after the sensor area
  • free view of the sensor from above
  • no stairs, curves or footbaths in the alley (changings in height)
  • animals should be able to show their normal gait pattern without any stress factors
  • it is necessary to install an animal identification with RFID, which you can receive from us


other requirements:

  • the herd management software HERDEplus with RFID-identifiers or
  • a foreign software, which is available via a general animal data interface from the start of sales
  • a permanent internet connection >2 Mbit


We will expand this section and specify it over time.



At the EuroTier 2018, the cooperative project cow body scan was awarded the Innovation Award 2018 in silver along with another 24 new products by the German Agricultural Society (DLG). In addition, it was honored by the Federal Association of Practicing Veterinarians (bpt) and the DLG with the first ever special award “Animal Welfare Award” (animal welfare medal), which appreciates products that meet the requirements of a higher standard of animal welfare.

These awards are a great honor of our work. They confirm that we are on the right track, and at the same time it is a commitment to our purposeful development until market launch.

About the consortium

The cooperative project cow body scan is developed in a consortium with the following partners:

  • Dorsch Softwareentwicklung
  • Schneider Elektronik GmbH & Co.KG
  • dsp-Agrosoft GmbH
  • Landesamt für Umwelt, Landwirtschaft und Geologie Köllitsch

Funding for this collaborative project is provided by the BMEL through the BLE project management under the Innovation Promotion Program or through the Federal Utility Fund and the Landwirtschaftliche Rentenbank.