What is AMTS.Cattle.Pro?

AMTS.Cattle.Pro is a software program for evaluating and formulating diets in dairy and beef production systems. AMTS is a licensed version of the Cornell Net Carbohydrate and Protein System (CNCPS).

Who uses AMTS.Cattle.Pro?

AMTS is designed to be used by nutritionists and industry support personnel trained in animal nutrition. Our program is used to balance diets for millions of animals in over 40 countries around the world.

How do I try out the program?

You have the opportunity to test the program for 30 days without obligation and for free! Under the menu item Advantages of AMTS.Cattle.Pro/Free Trial Version you can easily and quickly download:

  1. Register as a new user.
  2. Download and install the full-functioning program.
  3. Use the program with no obligation for 30 days.

How much does the program cost?

The base program is $700 USD/year (~611€/year). No setup fee, just a simple yearly subscription price. Volume discounts are available.

Where do I go for support?

We provide unparalleled software support and nutrition training to our clients.

Advantages of AMTS.Cattle.Pro

Laboratory Analysis

AMTS.Cattle.Pro is most powerful when paired with quality feed analysis. Carbohydrate digestion (starch and fiber) is a very important parameter. The CNCPS system uses laboratory digestibility at three time-points to estimate how fast the cow will degrade fiber. We recommend analyzing most forages on a monthly basis.

Fiber (aNDFom)Crude proteinDry matter
SugarsSoluble proteinAsh
VFANDICPEther extract
7hr starch digestibilityADICP
In vitro NDF digestibility
Where can I get my forages analyzed?

The near-infrared spectroscopy (NIR) allows for rapid and ecomic analysis for field use. There are several labs in the Europe, Germany, the UK and Russia that offer CNCPS-style analysis using NIR. Many of these labs have specific regional calibrations to improve accuracy.

Rock River Laboratory EuropeRock RiverGermany
Cortal ExtraSoyDairyOneItaly
Laboratorio Analisi ZooTecnicheDairylandItaly
DM ScientificCVASUK
Lacteus LaboratoriesDairylandFrance
Nova LabCVASRussia
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    ZMS Berater

    The breeding management system ZMS Berater is extensively used throughout Germany by operational and feeding consultants as well as by breeding and control associations as a multi-client controlling system, in particular for the monitoring of dairy performance, feeding, fertility and reproduction as well as increasingly for animal health.

    Extensive controlling modules are available for process and efficiency control. Like an early warning system, they enable the timely identification of operational weak spots. On the basis of a complex cause analysis, appropriate measures can be initiated and their effectiveness continuously monitored in a closed loop.

    Advantages of ZMS Berater

    advanced function NEW
    • process effectiveness
    • operations comparison
    • lost income
    program variety
    • lactation curves
    • business evaluation, insemination and fertility
    • analysis of milk performance testing
    • reproductive analysis
    • analysis of the nutritional status
    • analysis of the somatic cell score
    • Incidence analysis, including analysis, results and medications
    • analysis of the lifetime production
    • HIT-comparison
    • body condition score (BSC/RFD)

    ZMS Futter

    The program Futter-R is used to calculate the rations for dairy cows, breeding cattle and beef cattle. It provides the user with the ability to calculate, change and manage rations with little manual effort. Based on the DLG guidelines, the integrated ration evaluation provides information on the coverage of important indicators, such as the intake of dry matter. Another function is the control of the feed mixer wagon as well as the daily evaluation of the amount of feed added to the groups.

    Advantages of ZMS Futter

    Advantages at one glance
    • simple and user-friendly control
    • usage of various feeding value tables (DLG, LKV Sachsen, Gruber feeding value table, LMS Schwerin, consulting tables)
    • Assessment of the ration in terms of physiological efficacy and economy
    • documentation of the total- or part mixed ration
    • three parts feeding with basic, compensatory and performance feed
    • digital reading of feed tests from the laboratory
    • feed mixer wagon (for example Dinamica, MOBA, PTM)
    • Data exchange with the herd management program HERDE to the performance group classification

    Accounting and liquidity planning

    Liquidity planning is an important part of agricultural management. A reliable forecast helps to detect liquidity bottlenecks at an early stage and is the basis for future action. It is indispensable for discussions and negotiations with banks and consultants.


    Advantages of Accounting and liquidity planning

    • liquidity calculation through direct data access
    • comfortable creation of target figures
    • detecting deviations and showing prognoses
    A strong statement
    • Consolidation of actual-data from Hannibal
    • automatic planning extrapolation
    • Deviation analysis with traffic light function
    • extensive reporting
    Case related
    • 9 alternative plans over any number of years
    • indicators compare
    • detailed planning
    • trend display
    • should/is – comparison
    • forecasts-case studies
    • liquidity forecast
    • break-even analysis