Press release – Sano and dsp sign cooperation agreement

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Loiching / Ketzin, June 2018

Developing agriculture together

Sano, the world’s leading animal nutrition company, and dsp, the market leader in herd management software in Germany, have signed an agreement on future collaboration.

The economic viability of cattle production is significantly influenced by feeding. The cooperation aims to ensure animal-friendly feeding, while respecting the complex information relationships on animal health and fertility, animal welfare and environmental and consumer protection. As a basis for this, a database-based evaluation and early warning system for farmers, veterinarians and consultants is being developed.

The objectives are as follows:

  • Holistic consulting based on comprehensive software solutions
  • Qualification of the software with regard to ration calculation and feeding as well as controlling
  • International distribution of cattle software by Sano


To this end, both companies contribute their core competencies:
Sano: Special know-how in animal nutrition and herd management consulting as well as market presence in more than 35 countries around the world
dsp: Design of complex information systems involving farmers, veterinarians, consultants, agricultural associations, data centres and milking, feeding and sensor techniques

Richard Waldinger, Managing Director of Sano, says:
We look forward to all upcoming projects. With dsp, Sano meets the perfect partner for cooperation on the way to digitalization. Through the intensive evaluation of all information complexes, holistic advice at a higher level is made possible for us.

Jürgen Imker, Managing Director of dsp, says:
Sano’s know-how in feeding in conjunction with its international experience flows into our software. This will bring about a new quality, in particular through the implementation of leading international procedures and methodologies.

Caption: On a good partner project:Management and responsible for the two cooperation partners Sano (Moderne Tierernährung GmbH) and dsp (Data Service Paretz GmbH)


Sano, the company with a future
Sano is one of the world’s largest producers of mineral feed, milk exchangers and special products in modern animal nutrition.
Since its foundation in 1976 in Grafenwald, municipality of Loiching, the company has grown strongly. Sano now employs more than 700 people worldwide and has independent sister companies and sales companies in more than 35 countries around the world.

dsp, system house for agriculture
since 1991, dsp has been developing and distributing agricultural software in a group of companies with its subsidiaries dsp-Agrosoft GmbH and VIT PC-Software GmbH. In the cattle sector in particular, more than 1 million cows are farmed daily in 2,900 farms through their herd management software. More than 1,500 consultants and veterinarians use the complex controlling software in inventory management and consulting.
Sano – Moderne Tierernährung GmbH
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