Press release – Interface to SMARTBOW by Zoetis

Berlin and Ketzin, March 2019

SMARTBOW by Zoetis and HERDEplus by dsp-Agrosoft present common interface

SMARTBOW, the advanced monitoring system for dairy cows, announces the interface of the system with HERDEplus. The new interface extends the existing pairing possibilities.

SMARTBOW provides dairy farmers with real-time data for health and chewing monitoring, breast detection and cow tracking in real time. The industry-leading accuracy of the data collected provides users with the insights they need at all times.

The HERDEpluspairing enables the retrieval and sending of the cow-specific data, group membership, the transfer of brunch alarms as well as the day-to-day chewing times. This allows you to manage each cow to reach its full potential.

HERDEplus is a new development based on the well-known herd management software. The know-how of more than 40 years is continued. HERDEplus offers better capabilities than its predecessor and can be connected to various technical interfaces, such as Zoetis’ advanced milk cow monitoring system, SMARTBOW.

The development of health monitoring, breast detection and cow tracking systems provides new insights for you; at the same time, the insights should be scalable as the amount of data increases. Therefore, as a user, you expect the right solution for your operation and receive comprehensive data synchronization from HERDEplus to SMARTBOW and vice versa. With information from other sub-areas of herd management, such as milk quantities, concentrated feed consumption and animal health data, you as a user get a more comprehensive picture and enable you to make an informed decision.

SMARTBOW: Early detection = better results

SMARTBOW helps dairy farmers improve animal health and results. Zoetis, the world’s leading animal health company, offers you an effective and comfortable solution with the smart ear brand SMARTBOW. With industry-leading accuracy, you can manage each cow to its full potential. The better insights lead to better decisions and save you time and money. The advanced technology is complemented by close care from our animal health experts.

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More than 1500 consultants and veterinarians use the complex controlling software in inventory management and consulting.

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